Revolutionizing companies'
performance since 2004.

Our vision is to be a global company, that pursues innovation in every market with solutions that maximize our clients investments.

Biwares improves the financial transformation and modernization process, encouraging added value generation from the inception of the client project, presenting state-of-the-art high-impact solutions to the organizational performance, with results that match the client's needs

Our company has more than 80 professionals specialized in Technology Solutions for Business Intelligence and Finance.


Smart business

Digital future

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  • Smart business
  • Digital future

We are specialists in enterprise management consulting, corporate performance management, business intelligence & analytics. We focus in making companies incorporate improvements in their financial processes and increase the profitability of their businesses.

Our strategy

Our approach entails a global vision of the chain of processes and/or activities, from the moment a need arises in the organization, until it is fully addressed.
100% customer-oriented service using end-to-end management consulting process:

  • To evaluate and diagnose key processes
  • To propose process and technology improvements
  • To implement improvements
  • To evolve on the basis of business changes

Our values



In Biwares, we believe that success is the result of constant innovation

Trabajo en equipo

Team Work

Leveraging the best of each one of us, building synergy with our customers. This is the key to success in projects.



We master the cutting-edge technologies so that your company could be ahead of the game on Financial Planning and Business Intelligence.

Calidad Humana

Personal Quality

Great achievements are accomplished with great people. We are a team of caring people who share the deepest values.

Orientación a resultados

Focus on results

"If you cannot measure something, it will not happen". We work with a focus on metrics to ensure concrete results.