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Management consulting

Diagnosis and recommendations to improve your strategy. Service package through which we transfer our experience, knowledge and methods to manage and operate your business in an optimal way and thus fulfil your strategic objectives, such as:

  • Increase profitability
  • Mitigating operational risk
  • Facilitating decision making
  • Integrate business processes

Business Analytics

Adapt just in time. Service package through wich we provide the necessary insights and create the analytical models for your business can act in due time and meet its transformation and expansion objectives. Through our specialists groups we solve the needs with state-of-art analytical approaches.

  • Descriptive. What is the current situation?
  • Diagnosis. What is happening? Why is it happening?
  • Predictive. What will happen next?
  • Prescriptive. How do we solve it?

Digital Transformation

The foundation of our solutions. Service package through which we integrate technology and automated processes to build an efficient and scalable architecture (that supports your business growth) allowing the deployment of improvement proposals (CM/CPM/BA). The diversity of practices we specialize in include:

  • Data collection and integration processes
  • Data Governance Strategy implementation
  • Data quality and cleaning
  • Data Warehousing Modeling
  • Big Data Solution Implementation
  • Business process automation with RPA and BPM.

Corporate Performance Management

Management/Processes with higher performance. Service package through which we incorporate the best practices to the management processes of your business, integrating and aligning strategic planning, operational management control and risk management to corporate policies, with the aim of improving performance levels. We are specialists in the following processes:

  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Financial consolidation and closure
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Business performance reporting
  • Profitability and cost management
  • Fiscal reports